High Efficiency Industrial Water Cooled Chiller

High Efficiency Industrial Water Cooled Chiller

ndustrial water-cooled chiller (temperature range: +20℃ TO -25℃ adjustable) is widely used in a variety of industrial production
1. chemical industry (study) industry
2. plastic products, plastic containers, film making, plastic steel profiles, pipes, Wire, cable sheath, tire industry
3. Electroplating and machine tool cutting fluid cooling industry
4. Pharmaceutical industry
5. Electronics industry
6. Hardware industry
7. Food and beverage industry
8. Footwear industry
9. Laboratory
10. Medical equipment
11. Optical instruments, etc.

Product Details

The water-cooled chiller uses the shell and tube evaporator to exchange heat between the water and the refrigerant. The refrigerant system absorbs the heat load of the water and cools the water to produce cold water. Then, the heat is transferred to the shell and tube condenser by the action of the compressor. The refrigerant exchanges heat with water, so that the water absorbs the heat and takes the heat out of the external cooling tower through the water pipe to dissipate (water cooling)).





Frequently asked questions when buying products


Q: How many years have your factory been established?

A: Our factory established from 2009,

but most of our engineers are working in this industry over 15 year.


Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: we have a few stocks. but if produce,

1 set for normal machine need about 3-7 working days,

if 1 or more containers, need about 15-20 working days.


Q: how long is the warranty?

A: Within 1 year from date of the factory, if parts failure or damage

(because of the quality problem, except wearing parts),

our company provide these parts for free.


Q: What is your payment term?

A:TT 100% before shipment, LC at sign,

Western Union or Trade Assurance order recommended.




Shenzhen TOYOCOOL Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.
Water cooled Industrial chiller SPEC
ParametersModel No.UnitTY-03WTY-05WTY-08WTY-10WTY-12WTY-15WTY-20WTY-25WTY-30WTY-40WTY-50WTY-60W
Cooling capacityKw/h 50Hz9.5915.9124.8531.8338.3750.1467.1487.20113.58129.06153.91198.12
Kw/h 60Hz11.2218.3229.0837.2444.8958.6678.56102.02132.89151.00180.07237.75
Kcal 50Hz82511369021370273703299443120577487012085303110984132359170383
Kcal 60Hz96541601825009320233960350451675658204099805129851154860204460
Maximum powerKw2.584.56.75910.512.517.220.95263441.550.5
Power supply380V/415V 50Hz/60Hz 3ph
Inlet water temperature 40
Outlet water temperature7 ~ 30
Work ambient temperature 50
Capacity controlCapillaryCapillary / thermal expansion valve
CompressorBrandJapan PANASONIC
TypeHermetic Scroll type or piston
Power rate (kW/h)2.23.7567.59111518.75223037.545
EvaporatorWater Flow (m³/h)1.652.754.275.476.598.6211.5514.0317.0622.1926.4833.28
Water solubility (m3/h)0.0500.0580.1500.1500.1500.2850.3000.3800.3800.5600.5600.610
Inlet and outlet pipe diameter¾"1"1½"2"2"2"2"2½"2½"3"3"3"
CondensatorFormEfficient copper tube shell and tube type
Water Flow (m³/h)2.063.425.346.858.2410.7814.4417.5421.3227.7433.0941.60
Inlet and outlet pipe diameter¾"1"1½"2"2"2"2"2½"2½"3"3"3"
Water pumpPower rate (kW)0.3750.750.751.
Head (m)22232321.521.521.5222225252526
Water tankMaterialSS304
Capacity (m³)
Other devicesHigh and low pressure gaugeTaiwan JAVE
Phase sequence relayFrance Schneider
ContactorFrance Schneider
SwitchKorea LS
DimensionsLength (mm)120012001600160016001600160016001900190020002500
Width (mm)70070080080080080080080085085011001150
Height (mm)135013501500150015001500150015001650165016501650
Gross weightkg13017027035040045050053070085010501200
Safety devicesLoss/reverse phase protection, motor overload protection, high and low pressure protection, over temperature protection, water flow protection, antifreezing protection, overheat protection, overcurrent protection, low coolant level protection, Cooling water automatic reminder system, etc.

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