500kw 200hp industrial air-cooled screw chillers

500kw 200hp industrial air-cooled screw chillers

We supply Packaged Laser Chiller with Small and Big Capacity we devoted ourselves in water chiller manufacture for over 20 years. We are expecting to make a cooperation with you....

Product Details

GUANYA is 500kw 200hp industrial air-cooled screw chillers supplier in China, we are specialized in water chiller and chiller accessories manufacture and sale over 20 years. Our products are widely used in over 100 industrial process, with good quality and reasonable cheap price. No matter what time goes by, we always put quality in our first place. Some models we have in stock, welcome to inquiry.

We are expecting to make a cooperation with you.

Top quality hot sale 500kw 200hp industrial screw liquid air-cooled screw chiller:

500kw 200hp industrial air-cooled screw chillers with good appearance, compact in size, low noise level, great capacity, long product life, high energy saving, high heat exchange efficiency and easy operation etc.industrial chiller are with simple operation reasonable design and superior quality for more than one hundred different models ,which are the best choice for modern industries.

Regarding to high power industrial chiller, screw type chiller is available.

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Product parameter:



Cooling capacity





Power input



Power supply











Card making factory

Plastic injection industry

Plastic film blowing industry

Plastic bottle blowing industry

Power station

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Products details:

1.Motor: Using well-known brand motor with high-performance, protection class IP23,IP54, F class insulation.

2.Control panel: LG electric control panel, easy operation, long lifetime.

3.Displayer: LCD displayer: Multi-language display interface, clear and convenient, 24-hours all day automatic work. 

4.Radiator: Shell &tube condenser with simple structure, side cover design, easy maintenance, built-in external thread copper pipe, fine sealing, strengthen heat exchange capacity.

5.Compressor: Here many international famous brands to choose, HANBELL, CARRIER, DAIKIN, HITACHI, SANYO, MAQUAY and so on.

6.Evaporator: Shell &tube evaporator with simple structure, side cover design, easy maintenance, built-in external thread copper pipe, fine sealing, strengthen heat exchange capacity.

Product features:

1. International advanced Scroll compressor.

2. A stainless steel water tank installed in the unit.

3. High efficiency air condenser and Large wind volume axial flow design.

4. Easy to install, dispense with cooling water pump.

5. High efficiency, Low noise centrifugal water pump.

6. The unit has double refrigerating circuit.

7. Microelectronics control. 

Product qualification:

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Service: quick response and professional pre-sale service and after-sale service, chiller details, compressor brand and other components can be customized per your request. All goods can be inspected before shipment, and warmly welcome to visit our factory before placing order.Our own factory can guarantee the delivery, the factory location nearby Shenzhen port, easy to transport.

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Delivery, shipping:

Sea transportation 

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1.How does a chiller system work?

Chiller has two circulation,one is process water circulation,the other is refrigerant gas circulation.Heat picked up from the process.Heat transfers to refrigerant circulation.Heat is remove to air or water.

2.Types of chiller system?

Air Cooled Chiller and Water Cooled Chiller.Water cooled chiller needs a separated cooling tower and has a higher efficiency,but less easier than air cooled.

3. What type of the chiller should I use ?

It depend on the local environment temperature and water source. If lack of water and low ambient temp , we advise you use the air cooled chiller, if not , air cooled chiller is ok. But for installation,air cooled is more convenient than water cooled.

4. How to select the model of the chiller ?

It is better to tell us where the chiller use and your temperature requirements,Cooling Capacity, Outlet Temperature, Power Supply,Environment Temperature, Application Field, Anti-rust Or Anti-corrosion, and so on.Meanwhile,we could do customized chiller according to your end user consumption.

5.What is your fast delivery time?

It depends on your products request, normally time is 15 days to 30 days.


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