What Is The Significance Of The Power Voltage In The Industrial Water Cooler?

- Jun 15, 2017-

What is the significance of the power voltage in the industrial water cooler?

Widely used industrial water chiller units, where there is industry must use cold water machine equipment, such as: chemical industry cold water machine, cold water machine, food, cold water machine, electronic electroplating processing cold water machine, mold cold water machine, printing machine, etc., and most of the industry for high requirement of industrial cold water machine, most of the customer's requirements are running 24 hours a day, so the voltage of power supply of cold water machine requirement is high, if cold water machine several phase voltage imbalance is in 2%, the operations that may damage the cold water machine, so to control the cold water machine.

Testing of the voltage of cold water electromechanical source

If the standard voltage of the water chiller is 3 phases, 380V, 50Hz, it measures UAB = 376V, UAC = 379V. It is concluded that the average voltage = (376 + 376 + 385) / 3 = 380 v: determine and average voltage deviation: delta UAB = = 4, 380-376 v, delta UAC = 380-379 = 1 v, delta UBC = 385-380 = 5 v, maximum deviation is 5 v, 5/380 = 1.3%, it is concluded that the biggest phase voltage imbalance is 1.3%.

If the power supply and voltage are measured within normal range, this will be normal. If the cold water source control is not good, then the damage will be a high maintenance cost, and the voltage will be normal in normal terms.

The power voltage of the chiller is 2%, and the current imbalance is 10%. Note: when the phase voltage imbalance is greater than 2%, the operation must not be turned on.

The working power of the chiller is 3 phase, 380V, 50Hz. Before running cold water machine, need to check whether there is any abnormal on electric control cabinet power supply part and control part, and binding terminals, including total power supply copper busbar, automatic air circuit breaker (air switch), Δ - Δ or Y - Δ compressor start electrical devices, PLC, touch screen, target flow switch, frozen water pump, cooling water pump linkage control line (controlled contact for passive contact), temperature sensor, refrigerating, cooling water pump, cooling water tower linkage control line (controlled contact for passive contact), electronic instrument and so on. After the verification is done, the operation can be performed to make sure the chiller is running properly.

The chiller is the power machine, the voltage is basically the industrial voltage, 380V, so it is better to install the regulator when installing the cold water machine.


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