What Is A Water Cooled Chiller

- Jun 14, 2017-

Water chiller is an industrial water cooling equipments that produces cold water to cool industrial process equipment. 

Water chiller is a complete system filled with refrigeration equipment, including a condenser, evaporator,  pipes, expansion valve, circulation pumps, etc. 


Water is cooled to temperatures around 25°C (77°F) and pumped through a hydraulic circuit to reach the process equipment.

Industrial chillers can circulate as much as several hundred tons of water. Due to some water chillers can be bulky, they are often designed to be stored on the side or roof of an industrial building and controlled from the inside.


Water chillers are a popular alternative for industrial facilities growing fast enough that the move from city water to specialized chilling units becomes cost-effective. Water chillers are also a well-known alternative to water cooling  towers. 

They are often claimed to be superior to towers in that the coolant water comes into contact with air in a tower, but stays in a closed circuit in a water chiller system.

Selecting a water chiller requires calculating the exact amount of chilling needed, that is, the precise amount of energy added to the coolant by the process machinery. Then a water chiller may be selected for maximum efficiency.

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