The Working Principle Of Water Chiller

- May 16, 2017-

The chiller comprises four main components: compressor, evaporator, condenser, expansion valve, thus realizing the heat effect of refrigeration system.

Cold water machine commonly known as refrigeration machine, refrigerator, ice water machine, frozen water machine, cooler, etc., because of the use of a wide range of all walks of life, so the name is also countless. With the continuous development of water chiller industry more and more people began to pay attention to the water chiller industry any choice for mankind more and more important, in the product structure "high energy efficiency than water-cooled screw unit", "water source heat pump unit", "Screw heat recovery Unit," High efficiency heat Pump unit "," screw-type cryogenic refrigeration unit "and so on the main competitive product structure of the nature of the principle is a multi-functional machine, remove the liquid vapor through the compression or heat absorption refrigeration cycle. Steam compression chillers include four main components of the steam compression refrigeration cycle compressor, evaporator, condenser, part of the form of metering devices to achieve a different refrigerant. Absorbent chillers use water as a refrigerant, and rely on the water between the lithium bromide solution to achieve a strong cooling effect affinity. Cold water machines are generally used in air-conditioning units and industrial cooling. In the air-conditioning system, freezing water is usually allocated to the heat exchanger or coil in the air handling unit or other type of terminal equipment cooling in its own space, then cooling water redistribution back to the condenser is cooled. In industrial applications, chilled water or other liquid cooling pumps are through the process or laboratory equipment. Industrial chillers are all walks of life used to control products, mechanisms and plant machinery cooling. Cold water machine can be classified into water-cooled type and air-cooled type, in the technology, water-cooled than wind energy efficiency than the 300 to 500 of the kcal/h; in the installation, water-cooled should be included in the cooling tower can be used, air-cooled is removable, without other auxiliary.

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