Installation And Use Of Water Chiller

- May 16, 2017-

1. The rear cooler's interface is a pipe connection or flange, its entrance should be connected with the air compressor outlet pipe, can also be installed in the pneumatic equipment pipeline.

2. The rear cooler shall be mounted on the concrete basis.

3. The inlet and outlet of the cooler are interchangeable.

4. Where the equipment for the pressure vessel is installed before it is put into use, it shall declare and apply the registration formalities to the safety supervision body of the boiler and pressure vessel of the municipal Labor Department.

5. In the operation process, depending on the system operation, periodically open the sewage valve, discharging dirt.

6. The rear coolant inlet shall be fitted with control valves.

7. Ensure cooling water inlet temperature, water pipes unobstructed.

8. Cooling water should make soft water, and no visible impurities in it.

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