Energy Saving Of Chillers

- Jul 14, 2017-

1. Unit design reasonable, compact structure, beautiful appearance, small size, less area;

2. Energy saving and environmental protection, to provide customers with industrial cold water at the same time, also can supply a large number of free sanitary hot water, heating system to increase cooling, high energy utilization, recovery of heat can reach refrigeration capacity 30-80;

3. Low operating costs, improve the efficiency of the Unit, improve working conditions, save the operating costs of the Unit;

4. Safe and reliable, the water temperature of the more constant characteristics, so that the heat pump units to operate more reliable, more stable, to ensure the efficiency of the system and economy, and no need to maintain or operate, operating maintenance costs very little;

5. Reliable: Stable performance, low noise, long service life, heat recovery technology to reduce the unit load, reduce the failure rate.

6. Intelligent control, automatic microcomputer control, without manual monitoring, can achieve remote or centralized management

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