Create A Good Working Environment For The Cooler

- May 16, 2017-

How to design cooler reason environment in the application of cooler installation location, ventilation and other issues are to be taken into account, the layout of the principles, tips, and you do not look at one of the details, here to tell you to give the cooler to play the best results, there are two big detail must be noticed.

Take air cooler For example:

Layout location

1 Air cooler should be arranged on the downwind side of the minimum frequency wind direction of the whole year;

2 Air cooler should be arranged at the top of the executive gallery, the roof of the frame or tower;

Note: Air coolers should not be arranged at operating temperatures equal to or above the material spontaneous ignition point and conveying, storage of liquefied hydrocarbon equipment;

Arrangement rules for multiple sets of air cooler

More than 1 groups of air cooler arranged together, should be arranged in the same form, should be used as a column layout; part of the arrangement should be avoided and the other part is arranged.

2 The distance between two wet air cooler and the frame pillar of the dry-wet combined air cooler with a side-in-place arrangement should not be less than 3m;

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