What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Water Chiller? How Much Do You Know About The Water Chiller?

- Jun 12, 2017-

         What are the advantages and disadvantages of water chiller? How much do you know about the water chiller?

For every user who has a water chiller machine, we should learn more about the cold water machine.Commonly known as freezer, refrigerator, cold water machine, water machine, cold water machine, cooling machine, etc.For various industries on the use of more extensive, so the cold water machine in the name of the industry term is different. The principle is a multi-function machine, which removes the liquid vapor through the compression or heat absorption refrigeration cycle. Vapour compression chiller consists of four main components of vapor compression refrigeration cycle of the compressor, evaporator, condenser, the form of a part of the metering device so as to realize the different refrigerants. The absorption chiller USES water as a refrigerant and depends on the water and the lithium bromide solution to achieve a strong affinity for cooling.

Advantages of industrial cold water machine:

Advantage one: accurate temperature control ability

For industrial cold water machine, precise temperature control ability is very important, for example, cold water machine adopts all imported microcomputer digital temperature controller. The freezing temperature is to be able to + 3 ℃ to 30 ℃. High quality thermostats are not only accurate, but also environmentally friendly.

Advantage two: change heat efficiency is high

The advantages of shell and tube condenser and evaporator are simple, easy to maintain and high efficiency. Xintao machinery adopts the company's unique design shell and tube condenser and evaporator. The heat transfer performance is more than 20 percent higher than the normal product, and the cold quantity loss is less, the oil is easy to return oil and the heat pipe is not to be cracked. So the combination is cost-effective.

Advantage 3: stable and reliable operation

Everyone knows that the compressor is the core part of the industrial cold water unit, which ACTS as a "heart". The refrigeration compressor used by xin tao machinery is mainly the high quality compressor imported from Europe, Europe and Japan. Advantage brand products can plus for normal and stable operation of the cold water machine, safety energy saving, long service life, and there is no noise, very suitable for use in the central air conditioning and other fields.

Advantage 4: whole series protection device

In the running process, the users worry about the "current overload", "high voltage instability", "freeze" etc. Xin event machinery products in order to make everyone can use cold water machine, special match the whole series of safety protection devices, such as: water chiller protection device, lack of arrest phase protector device, high and low voltage pressure protection device, automatic water shortage alarm device, the temperature is too low, anti-icing protective device, oil pressure protection device, etc. When the cold water opportunity is in trouble, it can call the alarm and show the failure.

How is the water chiller maintained daily?

The water-cooled chiller is not immune from the effects of dirt or other impurities during normal operation. Therefore, in order to prolong the service life of the main unit, make refrigeration effect to achieve a better state, should be regularly to do maintenance and maintenance work, ensure the quality of the water chiller operation, improve the production efficiency.

Solution of cold water chiller system problem

General air-cooled chiller after using for a long time, hard to avoid can appear this or that problem, failed, we should carefully check each parts of the machine operation status, the point check the cooling system, electrical system, air system, water system, identifying their homework is normal, first check the refrigeration system of the pipeline with and without crack, breakage, frost and condensation conditions; Electrical system: check the electric system is fuse fusing, electrical insulation of the wire is intact, the circuit board without cracking, cohesion in the presence of loose, etc. Especially if the electrical connection is a touch of excellence, the wiring screw, the plug is easy to loosen and the touch is bad; Ventilation system: check the air filter, heat exchanger coil and fin. If the inlet and outlet are unconnected; Whether fan and fan work is normal; Whether the force is normal or not, the water system is normal. Water system: check the water system for leaks; If the inlet and outlet are unconnected; The pump is not working properly. Listen to the electricity boot hear the sound of the air-cooled chiller compressor work, is not normal, with or without abnormal noise, fan, water pump working with and without noise, the noise is too large. Air-cooled cold water chiller is in the work, the normal situation of the oscillation is small, the noise is small.


Is the voltage, current, compressor normal?

Regularly check cold water electrical and mechanical, electric pressure flow is stable, the compressor running sound is normal, cold water machine to work normally, when the voltage is 380 v, current in 11 a - 15 a range for normal phenomenon.

Cold media leaks must be paid attention to!

Check to check if the cold water chiller is leaking: it can be judged by the parameters of the high low pressure table. According to the temperature in winter and summer temperature, cold water machine pressure display is also different, cold water machine the normal work, generally high pressure show 11-17 kg, low voltage display for 3 to 5 kg range are normal.

Is the cooling water system normal?

Check if the cooling water system is normal, the cooling water tower fan and the sprinkler shaft are working well, and the water tank's filling water is normal.

The system should be washed regularly!


Cold water machine use six months should do the system cleaning, annual cleaning time, cleaning part includes mainly: cooling towers, cooling water pipe and condenser section, to ensure that the cooling effect is better.

Pay attention to detail!

The cold water captain should be able to turn off the water pump, compressor and cooling water tower power supply circuit switch when the time is not used.

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