xFeatures of twin screw refrigeration compressor

- Jun 24, 2020-

Features of twin screw refrigeration compressor:

1. Oil injection compression is required (a small amount of liquid injection can also be used). Once the oil is lost, there may be metal-to-metal meshing friction, affecting operation and rotor life.

2. The radial load and axial thrust of the rotor are large, especially the axial thrust is very large. A bearing or a balanced piston with large volume and strength is needed to offset the axial force, and the service life of the bearing is affected.

3. The oil is not only used for cooling and sealing between the male and female rotors of the screw, but also for lubrication and power transmission (25 to 60% power). It is generally necessary to continuously start the oil pump during operation. Large oil consumption and complicated oil circuit system.

4. The general bearing life is 20,000~30,000 hours, and overhaul is required after 30,000 hours.

5. The main component is only one tenth of the piston refrigeration compressor.

6. Single compression ratio is high. Under low temperature conditions, a unique economizer structure can be adopted, which has good energy saving, but the cost has increased accordingly.

7. Compressor efficiency is slightly higher than single screw.

8. The maximum cooling capacity of a single head is larger than that of a single screw.

9. Not sensitive to liquid blow, can run on wet stroke.

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