What should be noticed when installation and use of cooling water tower?

- Aug 24, 2017-

Cooling towers play an important role in the hydrologic cycle, when installed in strict accordance with the instructions to or operated under the guidance of professionals, to introduce the following cooling towers problems need attention during installation.

Cooling towers


(1) selection of installation site. The distance between the inlet and the wall is set by the specified numerical value, single tower: 2m; The twin towers: 2.5 m; Three towers: 3.5 m; Four towers and above: > 5m. The height of the cooling tower shall not be lower than the height of the wall, so as to avoid the cooling performance of the cooling tower. Because the cooling tower material itself is resistant to corrosion, especially in acidic conditions, it is necessary to avoid setting the cooling water tower in an acidic environment. Smoke and to avoid high temperature objects such as window, vent surrounding obstacles within 5 meters don't exist, the discharge of hot and humid air can be spread quickly, otherwise it will affect the normal work of the cooling tower, reduce work efficiency.

(2) piping configuration. When the pipeline is arranged, the water supply pipe support stand should be set at a distance of each interval. The water surface of the circulating pump suction position shall be set below the water level of the cooling water tower. The whole process of water tower piping layout must be installed strictly according to the installation instructions of the pipe, and no change shall be made. Butterfly valves are required when multiple cloth sinks.

(3) wiring requirements. Normalization must be performed, which is a prerequisite for ensuring security. In the selection of heat relay and fuse, must be determined according to the specifications of cooling water tower, do not blindly choose. The wiring must be strong enough to prevent leakage.

(4) the temperature of the cooling towers into the water should be as below 65 ° C, otherwise it will cause the water tower should be bent deformation temperature was too high, serious still can dama

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