what is screw compressor

- Aug 21, 2017-

A screw compressor, also often referred to as a rotary screw compressor, is a gas compression unit that utilizes two opposing-threaded screws as a way to force air into a sealed chamber. These two screws, often referred to as rotors, have spaces between the threads and the threaded taps where the gas is pushed into the threads. This causes the air to travel with the thread as it spins inside its chamber. As the gas is pushed through the thread, it becomes compressed in the chamber.

There are generally two types of screw compressors. The first type of rotary screw compressor is most often called the dry screw compressor. It gets this name because it doesn’t utilize any lubricated seal in its function or within any of its chambers.

With both male and female rotors in the dry compressor unit, the compression is determined and maintained accurately through the use of a series of timing gears. These timing gears are imperative to the function of the dry-running screw compressor because any variance in the screws’ operation can result in the failure of the compression system. The allowances within the threads that create the compression rely heavily on the stability and maintenance of the timing of the screws’ operation.


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