What is a capacitor voltage transformer

- Sep 01, 2017-

A capacitor voltage transformer, is a transformer circuit used in high-voltage applications. The capacitor voltage transformer is used as a means of delivering a filtered, low-voltage signal to the protected relay portions of the attached electrical circuitry. These transformers are mostly used within the high-voltage circuitry as measurement devices and as a means of protecting specific parts of the circuitry.

The main function of a capacitor voltage transformer is to systematically step the amount of signal it receives upon input. It steps this signal down to an amount that is within the parameters set by the smaller components of the circuit. These parameters are usually meters or other measurement devices that are used to record the amount of signal received by and output through the circuit in its entirety.

Another form of capacitor voltage transformer is one that is either attached to or run in sequence with something called a capacitance coupled voltage transformer. These types of transformers are used in the same manner, however, they are able to handle much higher amounts of input signal. They are also able to distribute the lower amounts of output signal to multiple locations within the circuit at the same time.



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