What do we need to consider when we select the cold water chiller?

- Jun 15, 2017-

What do we need to consider when we select the cold water chiller?

A lot of users, when they buy a cold water machine, often think that the cold water machine is used in the same place, and generally consider the price of a cold water machine. It is often overlooked that some important factors are in the cold water machine. Below, we summarize the factors that users should consider when choosing a cold water machine. Local water sources, electricity and heat sources; Features of air conditioning load distribution throughout the year; Initial investment and operating expenses.

1.For central air-conditioning system for large cold source, appropriate chooses the structure is compact, cover an area of an area small, refrigeration compressor, condenser and other equipment assembled on the same framework of the chiller.

2.Based on the water temperature, water quality, and the possibility of cooling equipment, the water cooling chiller or air-cooled chiller will be adopted.

3.If there is a suitable heat source, especially if there is a waste heat or waste heat or power shortage, you should use the absorption chiller.

4.Cold water mechanism cold unit commonly chooses 2 ~ 4 to be appropriate, medium and small scale should choose 2 to compare large, anyhow, according to the specific scale to decide.

5.The total capacity of the electric-cooled chiller is: Qe = a1a2a3a3a4qac KW: A1 minus A4 for each correction coefficient. QAC - air conditioning design load, W or KW; For electric refrigeration, the cold water unit can be selected by air conditioning design load QAC without additional.

6.Select electric power chiller units, according to the range of refrigerating quantity to choose the type of water chiller.When the refrigerating quantity of a single machine is called Q >1163kw, it is advisable to use centrifugal type.When the refrigerant volume is 582 to 1163, choose centrifugal or screw type.

7.The piston type is suitable for the refrigerating quantity Q < 582kw.When choosing a cold water machine, consider the environmental pollution: noise and vibration to meet the demands of the surrounding environment; The effect of refrigerant on the atmosphere.

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