Top 10 black technologies from big data expo

- Jun 22, 2017-

Top 10 black technologies from big data expo

Black technologies were a highlight of the International Big Data Expo 2017 held in Guiyang, Southwest China's Guizhou province from May 25-28. Recognized for their innovation and contribution to the industry, the top 10 black technologies of the year were selected on May 27.

Xiaoi Robot, Information technology –– affective computing user interface –– framework

Together with the Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences and China Electronics Standardization Institutes, Xiaoi Robot Co Ltd released Information technology –– affective computing user interface –– framework to promote affective interaction in artificial intelligence, filling in the gaps in affective computing in the domestic market.

Quantum Computer

Chinese scientists have developed the world's first quantum computer which is faster than current supercomputers. It can control the change between single particles and the quantum state, a big step in quantum communication and computing.

ZTE, Flylisten black box terminal

The Flylisten black box terminal is a kind of device to monitor and detect problems in gas pipes and report them to the cloud for urgent repairs. With access to the CLAA network, the terminal is battery-powered and much lighter than normal detectors, representing a brand new model for the industry.

Royole, flexible display screen

Royole Technology has produced the world's thinnest full-color flexible display screen measuring just 0.01 mm. It is high-definition and can be rolled away. The screen can be used for cellphones, laptops and in vehicles, and has the potential to greatly enhance people's lifestyles.

Beepower, smart electricity network

The Guizhou-based tech company Beepower has developed a comprehensive electricity management platform to monitor and better control electricity consumption. Based on big data storage and analysis, the platform will be useful for saving energy and facilitating national power reform in the future.

Haier, smart air conditioner

The air conditioner developed by the renowned home appliance brand Haier provides a smart energy-saving solution because of its smart cloud service platform, control cabinet and self-cleaning system. The machine can be controlled using just a standard APP. Haier aims to bring its smart technologies inside people’s homes.

Hydata, lip-reading technology

Hydata, a Chinese big data visual analysis and services provider, unveiled its cutting-edge lip-reading recognition technology. The new technology utilizes special software capable of recognizing mouth movement and speech patterns, and then deciding on the most plausible language. The accuracy rate for this new technology has reached 71 percent for Chinese and 80 percent for English.

360, smart firewall

Data security and machine learning technology are used in the new firewall developed by 360 Business Security Group, to make the firewall actively respond to potential threats and protect the information of companies and institutions.

Allightec, graphene flexible cellphone

Allightec, a leading global graphene company, has pushed the limits of making flexible cellphones. They have used graphene to improve the performance of normal lithium batteries and reduce the volume of standard flexible cellphones., 3D product exhibition

The 3D product exhibition of, a leading e-commerce firm, features virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology to give buyers a more realistic idea of the goods they are purchasing online. It is expected to improve the online shopping experience and bring about reform in the e-commerce industry.

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