Three ways to determine whether a cold water machine should be added refrigerant

- Jun 14, 2017-

Three ways to determine whether a cold water machine should be added refrigerant

A cold water machine is an energy-saving machine that can achieve refrigeration by steam compression or absorption cycle. One hundred million times called the chiller cooling water recycling machine, also called machine, cooling machine, refrigerator, water chiller, ice water machine, small cold water machine, industrial chillers, refrigeration units, low temperature cold water machine, laser machine, cold water because of the wide use of various industries, so according to different industry, its alias is countless.

Many users in the process of using cold water machine, will find enough cold, cold water machine the beginning can run cool after a period of time found that the drop in temperature, small make up today by three methods to distinguish the refrigerant is insufficient, and then look for other reasons.

One, the current method: using clip-on ammeter monitoring the working current outdoor (including the compressor and the fan current), if the rated current of the nominal current value in line with nameplates, shows refrigerant appropriate; If below the rating is too much, the refrigerant is too low, need to add.

Table pressure: the low pressure side pressure of the refrigeration system is related to the refrigerant. The pressure gauge on the low pressure valve, the air conditioning is turned on cooling, the table pressure will decrease at the beginning, and after more than 10 minutes, it will be normal if the table pressure stabilizes at 0.49 Mpa.

Observation method: observe the condensation of low pressure pipe near the high pressure valve and low pressure valve. General condensation pressure tube, and cold, if the low pressure tube and condensation, have cold feeling, about 3 ℃ temperature is higher than high pressure pipe, refrigerant suitable. If the low pressure tube is not exposed, there is a warm feeling, which indicates that the refrigeration dose is not sufficient. If the low pressure pipe is exposed, or each compressor starts about 1 minute, the low pressure tube frosting and then the dew, then the cooling agent is too much and needs to be put away.

The above three methods are used to measure current and observe high pressure, low pressure tube condensation, and the combination of table pressure method to determine whether to supplement refrigerant. It is important to note that the air conditioning refrigeration, outdoor fan must be open, around the cold air did not spread out in time, otherwise the evaporator decreased evaporation temperature, evaporation pressure drop, read the table of small pressure, current is small, the wrong result.

Cold water machine is mainly used in plastic industry, plastic molding, injection molding, extrusion, blow bottles, hot LiSu type, machine industry: laser technology, welding, mechanical machining, the machining, casting, electroplating, electronics, surface treatment, electroplating, electrophoresis, medical equipment, electronics, circuit board production, electronic chip manufacturing industry, chemical industry and other industries: chemical industry, papermaking, pharmaceutical industry, food processing, aluminum, aluminum alloy, toughened glass, coated glass production, ultrasonic erase, jewelry processing, leather and fur processing, printing ink production, aquaculture.

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