Recommended by Raycus, a Dalian manufacturer orders S&A CW-6000 water chiller to cool their Raycus laser

- Aug 07, 2017-

We received a phone call from a Dalian customer, who said that they would place an order with us  directly for S&A water chiller when the phone was got through. Of course, the person in charge from Teyu had asked carefully about what equipment the customer was to cool and if there was any special requirement on the cooling, the pump head and the pump discharge. The customer said with a smile that “You are so responsible for the customer.” But this is necessary for us. 

As a heavy industry CNC equipment company from Dalian City, the customer had purchased a 750W Raycus laser. In the earlier stage, they had encountered some problems when they used the other brands of water chillers. Then the customer came to us through the recommendation of Raycus. Finally Teyu recommended S&A CW-6000 water chiller to the customer to satisfy the cooling requirement of the device. After the usage, this Dalian customer reflected that S&A water chiller could achieve a good effect with stable performance. It seemed to them that S&A water chiller was just the right one for them but they had searched it for thousands of times in the market.

We feel thankful for the recommendation of Raycus. Thank you so much for your trust.With the construction of a well-established experimental test system for the simulation of water chiller operation environment and the high temperature test, Teyu is dedicated to the continuous improvement of quality just to win your trust in our products. Also with the establishment of a complete material procurement ecosystem and the adoption of bulk production mode, Teyu has achieved an annual production capacity of 60000 water chillers as a guarantee for your confidence in us.

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