Operation Flow of chillers

- May 16, 2017-

① preparatory work before the boot

1 confirm the power of the unit and the controller is connected.

2 confirm the cooling tower fan, cooling water pump, cold water pump are open.

3 Confirm that the end fan coil unit is powered on.

② start

1 Press the State key on the keyboard and then switch the ON/OFF (on/off) of the unit below the keyboard to the location of the switch on (on).

2 The unit will be a self-test, a few seconds later, a compressor starts, when the load is increased after another compressor to start.

3 Once the unit starts, all operations are not automatically. The unit automatically stops according to the change of cold load (chilled water supply and backwater temperature).

③ normal operation

1 The normal operation of the unit, the controller will monitor the hydraulic, motor current and other parameters of the system, once any problem, the control system will automatically take the corresponding measures to protect the unit, and the fault information displayed on the Unit screen. (see installation, operation, and maintenance manuals for details)

2 in every 24 hours of operation cycle, there should be a fixed time interval permanent record unit operating conditions.

④ Downtime

1 as long as the keyboard below the unit ON/OFF toggle switch to the position of the disconnect, you can make the unit downtime.

2 in order to prevent damage, even when the unit downtime, do not cut off the power unit.

3. Operation of blower and water pump

① Cooling tower fan, cooling water pump, cold water pumps are independent control, before the power should be confirmed to normal, no reverse phase, no.

② the pump before opening should be confirmed that the valve in the pipeline is open.

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