Maintenance of chillers

- May 16, 2017-

The Open and shutdown order of chillers to ensure the normal operation of the air-conditioning host after start-up, must guarantee:

① The condenser heat is good, otherwise it will be due to cold-coagulation temperature and the corresponding condensation pressure too high, so that the high-pressure protection device action and stop the cold water unit, and even lead to failure.

② evaporator in cold water should circulate, otherwise will be due to cold water temperature low, cause cold water temperature protection device action and parking, or due to evaporation temperature and the corresponding evaporation pressure is too low, cold water chiller is low-voltage protection device action and stop, even causing the evaporator to freeze cold water and damage equipment. Therefore, the water Chiller Unit in order: (must strictly adhere to) cooling tower fan open--> Cooling water pump open--> cold water chiller---> chiller shutdown sequence of chillers: (must strictly adhere to) cold water chiller Stop--> Cooling tower fan stop--> cooling water pump Stop--> cold water pump Stop

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