Installation of Pumps

- May 16, 2017-

1. Under the conditions of the geographical environment permits, pumps should be as close to the water as possible to reduce the length of the suction pipe.

The foundation of the pump installation place should be firmly, and the fixed base of the pumping station should be repaired.

2. Inlet pipe should be sealed and reliable, must have special support, not hanging on the pump. The inlet pipe fitted with the bottom valve shall be arranged vertically with the horizontal plane of the bottom valve axis, and the angle between the axes and horizontal surfaces shall not be less than 45 °. Water source for the channel, the bottom valve should be higher than the underwater 0.50 meters, and add nets to prevent debris into the pump.

3. Machine, pump base should be horizontal, with the foundation of the coupling should be firmly. Machine, pump belt drive, the belt tight side in the lower, so the high transmission efficiency, pump impeller steering should be in line with the direction of the arrow indicates that the coupling transmission, the machine, the pump must be coaxial.

4. The installation position of the pump should satisfy the requirement of suction vacuum height, the base must be horizontal and stable, and ensure that the rotating direction of the power machinery is consistent with the direction of the pump.

5. If there are multiple units in the same room, the unit and the unit between the unit and the wall should be more than 800mm distance.

6. Water pump suction pipe must be sealed well, and minimize elbow and gate valve, filling water should be discharged air, the operation should not accumulate air pipes, demand that suction pipe micro-to oblique and water pump intake joints, the intake should have a certain submergence depth.

7. Water pumps on the basis of reservations, should be based on the size of water pump pouring

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