How to choose between water-cooled chiller and air-cooled chiller ?

- Jun 12, 2017-

How to choose between water-cooled chiller and air-cooled chiller ?

It is well known that there are many kinds of industrial water chiller.Mainly including water-cooled and air-cooled chiller. In their choice, we don't know which one to choose. What's the difference? Which one is better? This is a series of questions that friends who buy cold water engines want to know.

As a professional industrial cold water factory home, here is a detailed introduction:

The industrial water chiller is divided into water-cooled industrial chiller and air-cooled industrial water chiller, and the difference between them is mainly the difference between the condenser. The condenser of a water-cooled chiller is mainly used to carry heat through the circulation of cooling water, so the condenser of a water-cooled chiller is usually called a water cannon. The air-cooled type is different from the water-cooled type, and the air-cooled chiller using the fan as the heat dissipation. Usually adopt the fin condenser, fin is aluminium, they need to heat the aluminum parts adopt external installation, in order to achieve high efficiency heat dissipation, to extract the heat through a powerful fan.

So when the temperature of the workshop is higher, air-cooled chiller except itself will be affected (condenser temperature can directly lead to industrial cold water machine high pressure alarm, refrigeration capacity drops), poor ventilation environment will also make the mechanism of cold in cold water, air cooled to workshop temperature will have a direct impact. The advantages of water-cooled water chiller are obvious. Water-cooled industrial chillers need to cool the circulating cooling water cooling towers, so you want to use water cooled chillers need to install the cooling towers, cooling water circulating pump, pipes, is more complicated. By comparison, the air-cooled industrial water chiller can be easily moved, dwarfed by the need to add any equipment. But most of the factories are already equipped with cooling water circulatory systems.



Air-cooled water chiller


Water-cooled water chiller

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