Industrial chiller requirements for refrigerants and selection principles

- Jan 14, 2019-

The critical temperature is higher, and a phase change can occur at normal temperature or ordinary low temperature. This is the basic requirement for refrigerant in a steam-type refrigeration chiller.

Suitable saturated vapor pressure. The evaporation pressure is preferably not lower than atmospheric pressure. In order to prevent air from leaking into the chiller refrigeration system. The condensing pressure should not be too high to prevent the chiller and equipment from increasing excessively. At the same time, the ratio of condensing pressure to evaporation pressure should not be too large, so as to avoid excessive compression of the medium temperature and a decrease in the gas transmission coefficient of the printing press.
Low solidification temperature to prevent the refrigerant from solidifying at the evaporation temperature
The viscosity and density are small to reduce the flow resistance loss of the industrial chiller refrigeration system;
High thermal conductivity. In order to increase the heat transfer coefficient of the heat exchanger, reduce the heat transfer area and the consumption of metal materials;

industrial air cooled water chiller

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